I have not seen my JAMB Result – I can’t see my JAMB Result Solution

Some 2020 candidates who sat and participated in the recently concluded JAMB 2020 examination are having issues with their results. Some candidates are complaining that they can’t see their results. Here’s the solution to candidates with the “I have not seen my jamb result” and “I can’t see my jamb result”.

When the March 14th – April 4th, 2020 JAMB examination was concluded, and the board started releasing the 2020 JAMB result, some candidates have been facing difficulties accessing their results online, either through SMS, JAMB profile or JAMB result checking portal. This is usually due to some reasons which I will disclose and provide the solution to.

All this problem face by some candidates while checking their results, are shown “no result yet” has made candidates and parents question if the UTME/DE authorities will ever release the results of candidates with no results yet.

First, it is required that all persons who registered and sat for the examination to send RESULT via SMS to 55019 using the same phone number they used during their JAMB registration.

Once you have sent the request using the correct format, your Performance/grade/result will be replied as an SMS shortly after. However, one important factor is missing. This service provided by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is not free.

Reasons why you have not seen your Jamb result.

First, you need to be calm and don’t get frustrated or depressed. The result of candidates is being released in batches, which means more results will be released soon enough.

Further Screening: As you may already be aware, the JAMB management board authorized up to 700 CBT Centers in the 36 states of Nigeria. However, some centers where suspicious behavior was captured via the security camera installed by JAMB, they will likely delay the release of your results.

Peradventure and unluckily for you, you wrote your JAMB exams in such a center, and your result is not yet out. You can call or ask anyone who wrote there on the same day and same time as you, if their result is out.

Yes, you might have not participated in any issue, so the fault is certainly not yours. However, the punishment is being melted out to all candidates who wrote there. What you need to do, is remain positive and calm. Because the board will review and screen the video footage caught on their security camera and once everything has been cross-checked, all results will be released.

Technical Reasons: The JAMB authorities have several times, admitted that sometimes, they experience minor challenges that might set in, this challenges often lead to the late release of results of millions of candidates in Nigeria. We want to caution and admonish candidates in this position to be patient, your results may be released soon.

Exam Malpractice: This is the most serious offense you can think of committing in the JAMB Examination hall. Remember, there is a CCTV connected directly to JAMB headquarters in FCT Abuja watching you. Candidates who are found in this type of situation should pray.

JAMBites caught through CCTV security cameras with phones, expo or runs, their result may not likely be released. Be warned.

Impersonation: JAMB has made impersonation difficult, since candidates after their JAMB registration, will thumbprint. When entering the JAMB registration hall, you will need to thumbprint to say they were present. After the examination, you’ll also need to thumbprint. However, if you find a way of bypassing this and still go ahead to impersonate, your result will not be released.

Lack of Credit in your Phone: Most candidates who tried checking their result via SMS, should know that they need to have a balance of at least, N50 before their result will be sent to them.

Wrong Details: If you want to check your result through the JAMB result checking portal, and you didn’t see your result, cross-check your JAMB registration number again or email address to see if they are the correct ones.


One of the best solutions is to log into your JAMB profile and check your results. There, you’ll know everything is personalized for you.

 Important Note.

Warning: It is essential we warn you here, that no ONE has the power to release your result. It’s fruitless paying anyone to do it for you. Please, adhere to this and NEVER allow anybody to make you believe that you have to pay for your results to be released.

There are a lot of scammers posing as JAMB officials to make you lost your money, Don’t fall victim to these fraudsters.

Final Conclusion.

Candidates who are 100% sure they didn’t go against JAMB rules as mentioned above, but are yet to see their results, so be patient. Do not panic or put your self under pressure because the result are released in batches.
Just keep checking.

Cheers and we’re wishing you good luck.

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