JAMB Admission Status: How to Check JAMB Admission Status on CAPS – 2024 Guide

Before the introduction of JAMB Caps, candidates can simply log in to their JAMB dashboard and check their JAMB admission status online. However, the introduction of JAMB Caps changed everything and gave candidates the choice to either ACCEPT OR REJECT admission offers.

This page contains a detailed guide (With picture proof for each step), showing you, how to check your JAMB admission status on JAMB Caps. Take note that Accepting or Rejecting Admission of JAMB Caps is 100% FREE.

Currently, tertiary institutions are offering candidates admission into various courses offered, and candidates can either choose to Accept or Reject an admission offer.

We can confirm and authoritatively disclose here that some candidates who rejected an Admission offer, were offered another course by the same institution. However, this does not apply to all candidates. Whereas some candidates who Rejected an admission offer, Never get to receive another one.

Although one thing that is very mandatory about all tertiary institutions in Nigeria, is that they MUST forward their admission to JAMB, and only through JAMB Caps, will candidates get to see if they were offered admission or not.

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I think you need to understand the full meaning of the abbreviated word, JAMB Caps.

JAMB CAPS stands for “Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Central Admission Processing System (CAPS)”.

The JAMB Caps is a platform integrated into the JAMB portal, and can only be accessed through candidates’ profiles. It was introduced by JAMB in Nigeria to regulate the admission process into tertiary institutions.

The JAMB Caps provides a centralized system for Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges of Education (CoE) to process and manage admission applications from prospective students.

Thanks to JAMB CAPS, 2024 candidates who participated in the recently concluded JAMB examination, can monitor their admission status, to check whether they were offered Admission or not, and Accept or Reject Admission offers from various Nigerian institutions.

Honestly, the introduction of JAMB CAPS into the Nigerian admission process is a step towards the right direction, handing over power and choice to the candidates. It is likewise, a key tool in streamlining the admission process in Nigeria’s educational system. With the JAMB Caps, there are little to no bribing options, because the school has no authority on who is given admission or not.

Advantages of JAMB Caps.

  • Candidates can easily check their admission status online.
  • Accept or Reject Admission Offers.
  • View the list of institutions and programmes they have been offered admission.
  • Upload their credentials (such as O’level results, certificate of origin, etc.)
  • Acceptance fee payment.

What Do Tertiary Institutions Do in JAMB Caps?

  • Upload the list of candidates offered provisional admission.
  • View the list of candidates who have accepted their admission offers.
  • Generate admission letters for students who accepted their Admission Offers.
  • Monitor how the Admission process is going.

How to Login to JAMB CAPS with JAMB Registration Number.

Logging into the JAMB Caps can only be achieved if you have a JAMB Profile – CLICK HERE to know how to create a JAMB Profile. In this section, I’ll be showing you in detailed steps, how to get your email and password and log in to JAMB CAPS for free.

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As earlier disclosed, before you’ll be able to log into your JAMB CAPS, you must have an account with JAMB, if you’ve written JAMB or have registered for Direct Entry (DE), you must have an account. Because it is not possible to register for JAMB without a JAMB staff creating an account for you.

After Registering for UTME or Direct Entry (DE), your email address and phone number will be used to create a Profile on JAMB. You can use your phone number or email address and password to log into your CAPS and check your admission status when JAMB results are released.

Previously, candidates could easily log in to their JAMB CAPS right away after JAMB registration. However, the JAMB board has changed the procedure to log in to your CAPS, making it mandatory that you must have an email linked to your JAMB profile before you’ll be able to access CAPS.

To link your email address to JAMB, there are two methods, the SMS method, and the CBT Centre method. I recommend you use the CBT Centre method since it’s the most efficient and working method when compared to the SMS method.

Use this guide which will show you, How to Link your eMail to JAMB. Once you follow the guide and have successfully linked your email address to your JAMB profile, you’ll receive a message from JAMB, containing the password that you’ll use to log in to JAMB Caps.

How to Check Your Admission Status on JAMB CAPS.

There are two methods you can use to access your CAPS. The first is through the CAPS app and second through the JAMB portal/efacility.

However, to ensure you get the best, I’ll be showing you, how to access your CAPS through the JAMB CAPS apps (which you can download free on PlayStore for Android Users, and APPLE Store for iPhone users). However, I’ll recommend you use the JAMB portal since the CAPS app does not function 100% okay.

STEP 1: To Check your admission status on JAMB CAPS, the first step is to visit the official JAMB portal @: https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng/

jamb login page

STEP 2: You will be required to type in your email address and the password in their appropriate boxes. After you’ve logged in successfully, you’ll see a page similar to the image below.

jamb profile page

This is How your JAMB Dashboard will look like when you’ve successfully logged in.

STEP 3: Now click on the last Icon, the one with ☑️ logo(Admission Status)

After you click the icon mentioned (the admission status button) you’ll be redirected to a page like the one below.

STEP 4: Now Click on the ACCESS CAPS BUTTON as shown in the image below. In the box where you’re asked to select Examination, ensure you select the EXAMINATION YEAR you wrote your JAMB Exams. Your JAMB Registration Number will automatically appear on the box below.

Check JAMB Admission Status

STEP 5: After you click on the ACCESS my CAPS button as shown in the image above, you’ll be redirected to the official Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS). The picture below shows the CAPS home page.

As seen on the CAPS homepage, you’ll see different options from CAPS.

JAMB CAPS Homepage #4

  • My choice: this simply shows you the course and institution you apply
  • My Olevel: shows you your Olevel result(WAEC & NECO). This is very important to see if your Olevel is there, if it does not show you any Olevel result, you should visit the nearest CBT centre to upload your Olevel.
  • Admission status: This is where you Check if you are admitted.
  • Marketplace: This option shows you if another institution is offering you Admission status. (Especially private Universities and Polytechnics).
  • Transfer approval: This option shows you whether the institution you selected during your JAMB Registration, wants to change the course you apply to, you’ll have the option to either Accept or Reject.

STEP 6: Finally, click on the Admission Status, and it will automatically take you to the admission page, and it’s on this page you’ll see whether you were offered Admission or not. If you were offered Admission, you’ll see the option to either ACCEPT or REJECT the admission.

Finally, if you were not offered any admission on this page, I’ll recommend you visit this site to get latest news when your school will release its admission list.

How to ACCEPT Admission on JAMB CAPS/Portal.

For candidates who were offered admission on the JAMB Admission Cap as illustrated above, and want to accept the admission offer, here’s how to accept the Admission Offer on CAPS.

Candidates who have accepted the admission offer, the admission status will change from not admitted to admitted and the ACCEPT and Reject admission buttons will be activated. From there you proceed by Clicking on the Accept admission button.

How to Print JAMB Admission Letter 2024.

To print your admission letter, you’ll be required to Login to the JAMB portal, follow STEP 1 and STEP 2 as shown above, and click on PRINT ADMISSION LETTER.

Admission Letter Printing Confirmation

You’ll be asked if you checked your Admission Status? If you said Yes, it will take you directly to the page where you can proceed. If you choose No, it will take you to where you can check your Admission Status.

Once you click Yes, the next page will require you to select the year you want to print the JAMB Admission Letter, and type in your JAMB Registration number as shown below.

You will be required to pay the sum of 1,000. After you’ve successfully paid the money, the Admission Letter will automatically be downloaded to your device.

I’ll recommend you save it as PDF, and print it at any cafe/CBT centre. Make sure you print it colored and 10 copies each. They are two Admission Letters, One for Student and the other one for Institution Uses.

What Does Admission in Progress mean on JAMB CAPS?

When you check your JAMB Caps and you see something like “Admission in progress”, this is the same as “Admission is being processed” on JAMB CAPS. Admission in progress on JAMB Caps simply implies that your application for admission to a tertiary institution in Nigeria is currently under review and evaluation by both JAMB and the institution you selected during your JAMB Registration, or for candidates who performed the change of institution, the new institution you selected.

This status implies that your application has been received and is actively being considered. However, the JAMB board and institution admission board is yet to come to a final conclusion, and no decision has not yet been made.

The time before the status changes from “Admission in progress” depends solely on the institution’s procedures and the number of applications they are currently handling.

While your admission is in progress, it’s recommended to check your JAMB portal or CAPS regularly for updates and see the final decision.

I’ll also recommend that your O’level results should be uploaded on the JAMB’s system and that your contact information is accurate, to avoid giving the school any excuse to reject your Admission.

If your status changes to “Admission Offered” Congratulation!

You are now able to accept or reject the offer through JAMB CAPS. If you Accept the Admission offer, you should proceed with admission by submitting the required documents, payment of acceptance fees, etc.

Is Admission 100% sure if your JAMB CAPS says admission is in progress?

Another question candidates sures needs an answer to, is this. I can confidently assure you, that if your subject combination is Okay and your O’level is complete, you stand a 100% chance of being offered admission. However, if there’s any lingering issues with your O’level results, or the wrong subject combination, it might hinder your admission.

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