How To Perform the JAMB Change Of Course in 2024

Before carrying out the JAMB change of course, you must have successfully registered for the 2024 JAMB UTME/ DE. However, for any reason or due to a selection mistake, you want your previous choice of course to another course, here’s how you can do this yourself. Yes, you can carry this out yourself from the comfort of your house.

Do you want to know the date that the JAMB Change of Course for 2024 JAMB will commence and be open to all 2024 registered candidates? Do you want to know How you can easily carry out the JAMB Change of Course?

We got you covered. This page provides you with direct answers to the questions above and many more.

jamb change of course

What is the JAMB Change Of Course?

Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) change of course is a process specifically developed and created for candidates who want to change the course they selected during their JAMB registration process. You can only carry purchase the change of course form if your JAMB UTME/DE registration was successful.

Take note that candidates can apply for JAMB Change of Course due to the following reasons mentioned below;

  • Their preferred institution of choice does not study their first selected course.
  • A mistake was made in during their JAMB registration where they combined the wrong subject.
  • Wrong JAMB subject combination for their intended course.
  • Friends, family, or the internet shows the course job opportunities is limited.
  • They are no longer interested in studying the course that they first chose during JAMB registration.

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When Will JAMB Release the 2024 Change of Course Form?

As earlier disclosed, candidates who wants to change the course they selected during their registration can do after the 2024 JAMB result is out. The board has officially open the Change of Course portal. Candidates of the just concluded JAMB exams can apply for a Change of Course.

How Much Does It Cost to Do JAMB Change of Course?

For the 2024/2025 academic session, the JAMB council has officially fixed the Correction of Data by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) at N2,500. Candidates who wants to change their JAMB course officially on the JAMB portal are required to pay the sum of N2,500 (Two thousand five hundred Naira).

Take note that you will also have to pay an extra N700 (seven hundred Naira) to the CBT Centre as the service fee for processing the Change of Course Form.

2024 Update: Current information is that the JAMB Change of Course can only be processed at JAMB CBT Centres nationwide and the minimum charged by the staff and agents working at these CBT centres to process any document for candidates is N700.

To successfully carry out the JAMB Change of Course, you will spend a total of N3,200 (N2,500 + N700).

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: You can pay the correction of data fee directly from your JAMB Profile via the REMITA platform.

Requirements For JAMB Change of Course.

Before going to any accredited JAMB CBT Centre in your area or nearest to you, to do the JAMB Change of Course, you must first have the following mentioned below, before this can be carried out:

1. JAMB Profile Login Details: You must have your email address or username and password ready, because that is the only place where they can carry out the change of course for you. Click Here to know more about JAMB Profile Registration.

Please make sure that you write out your email address and password on a sheet of paper, or it is saved on your phone, because it will be required by the CBT Centre agent/staff before they can proceed.

2. JAMB Registration Number and Examination Year: These will be needed when processing your documents. However, your JAMB registration number can easily be seen in your JAMB Profile Portal when you are logged in.

3. Biometric Capture: This is why you need to go yourself. You can’t pay anyone or ask anyone to go on your behalf. You will have to do biometric capture after the Change of Course at the JAMB Centre.

4. JAMB Change of Course Fee: If you decided to do the first section yourself, you will be required to pay at least, N500 – N1,000. However, payment can be made online and physically at the JAMB CBT Centre.

IMPORTANT TIPS: You can pay for the 2024 change of course with your ATM card. Although the service fee charge of N700 (seven hundred naira) will be paid to the CBT Centre by JAMB to the CBT agent on a weekly basis, according to the latest news bulletin released by JAMB.

How to Apply for JAMB Change of Course in 2024.

STEP 1: Visit the JAMB Profile portal at and login with your credentials. If you don’t have a JAMB Profile, Here’s how to create one for free.

STEP 2: When the portal loads up, proceed by typing in your “email address” and “password” in their appropriate box. Click on the “Login” button to continue.

Application for correction of data

STEP 3: When you have successfully logged in, proceed and click on the “Application for Correction of Data”. You can find that at the left corner of the sidebar, or as shown in the image above.

STEP 4: Select Change of Course/Institution“. After clicking on Correction of data, it will display the following; “Change of Course/Institution”, “Change of Name”, “Change of Date of Birth”, “Change of Gender”, and “Change of State/LGA”. Click on “Change of Course/Institution”.

Looking at the image above, you can see that you’re given various options, but since we’re focused on the JAMB Change of Course, simply proceed by clicking on the “Course/Institution”.

STEP 5: Select “Year of Examination” and “Registration Number” and click on  “Search details” as shown and directed on the above image.

Furthermore, When you click on the column that reads Select Examination, you’ll see a list of all JAMB examination years. I’d recommend that you carefully choose the year you sat for your examination from the dropdown menu and year that you sat for.

While in the column tagged “Registration Number”, simply type in your JAMB Registration Number correctly. Next, proceed and click on the “Search Details” button.

Pay with Remita

STEP 6: When you click on the “Search Details” button, the next page will load, bringing you a variety of “Payment Options” which you can use to make payment. I’d recommend you proceed with the Remita Payment platform, because it’s easier and faster. Click on “Pay with Remita”.

Cross Check the details to Confirm the Information

STEP 7: Before you click on the “Confirm Information”. I’d recommend that you first, cross-check the details as shown above before proceeding to make payment.

pay now with remita

STEP 8: Click on the “Pay Now” where you’ll be taken to the official Remita page where you can either pay with your card or through your bank, by logging into your bank account. I always prefer using my MasterCard or Visa as payment.

After you’ve successfully paid the fee, you’ll be redirected automatically to your JAMB profile, and directly ton a section called “My Payment Section”. Note that after your payment have been confirmed, an SMS and email containing your unique Transaction Identification and payment status will be sent to your email address and the phone you used during your JAMB Registration.

Note: Once your payment is successful, you will be asked to provide the following details below.

  • Year of Exam
  • JAMB Registration Number.

STEP 9: Select “Preferred Course/Institution and Second Choices”

After entering your Year of Exam and JAMB Registration Number, you will be shown options, asking you to select your Preferred course/Institution and second choices option will also appear. Note that the course options that will be shown to you, will be based on availability. Since you only want to do Change of Course, just select or enter your preferred course.

STEP 10: Click on the “Submit” Button

After selecting the new course you want, I’d advise that you carefully go through the data you submitted to ensure that they are correct and accurate. Only click on the “Submit” Button to submit your application to JAMB once you are sure of the data you submitted.

STEP 11: Wait for JAMB to Process Your Application.

Usually, the time taken to process change of course is within 24 hours. However, for unforeseen circumstance the board decided to take more time to proceed your request, it will be within a couple of days, or a week. You can confirm if your course has been successfully changed by logging into your JAMB profile to confirm.

How to Confirm JAMB Change of Course was a Success?

  1. Simply head over to the JAMB portal via

  2. Type in your email address and password in their required column and click on Login

  3. From the left sidebar Click on “Check Admission Status

  4. Next, proceed and click on the “Access my JAMB Caps” button.

  5. Finally, when you’ve landed on your JAMB Caps Page, search and click on “My Choices”. On this page, you can see if the change of course was successful or not. If it is successful, you will see the preferred course instead of the previous course you chose during registration.

JAMB Change of Course FAQ.

How Long Will It Take for My JAMB Change of Course to Reflect?

24 Hours. However, due to service issues or congestion of too many requests, it may take days. Continue logging into your JAMB Caps to see when the changes are made.

How Many Times Can I Do JAMB Change of Course?

Twice per academic year. This means that you can only change your Course twice in any UTME/DE session.

After Accepting Admission on JAMB CAPS, Can I still do JAMB Change of Course?

YES! The JAMB board allows candidates to carry out the JAMB Change of Course after accepting admission. However, you can only change your course if accepted to study a course which you didn’t apply for.

After my First Year of Admission Can I Still Do JAMB Change of Course?

NO. However, after your first year (100L), you can still change your course by summiting an Application for Transfer to another department/faculty in most tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

After Post UTME Examination, Can I Still Do JAMB Change of Course?

YES. Candidates who participated in their school Post UTME examination can apply for the JAMB Change of Course, especially if they didn’t meet their course required Cut of Mark for admission.

Can I do JAMB Change of Course With a Phone?

The new JAMB authority has made it mandatory that Correction of Data such as; Change of Course/Institution, Names, Date of Birth, Gender, State/LGA of Origin, etc can only be done at JAMB accredited centre.

Can JAMB Change Of Course be done at Cyber Café?

NO.  The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board has totally disassociate themselves and discontinued themselves from any services rendered at cyber Café. Everything JAMB-related can only be done at JAMB accredited centres.

When is the Deadline to Apply for JAMB Change of Course?

The deadline for 2024 has not been announced yet. However, candidates who sat for JAMB exams in previous years (2023 downward) cannot apply again for JAMB Change of Course as the portal for the JAMB change of course has been closed.

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