2024 JAMB Registration Form Instructions and Guidelines for UTME/DE Candidates

Every year, millions of Nigerian students await the news when the JAMB board starts selling the JAMB registration form. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has announced the commencement of the sales of the 2024 JAMB registration form.

Currently, applications are accepted from suitably qualified candidates seeking admission to tertiary institutions in Nigeria for the 2024/2025 academic institution.

PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that all candidates who will be registering for the 2024 JAMB examination, please, endeavor they carry out their JAMB registration at JAMB Accredited CBT CENTRES Nationwide and JAMB OFFICES only.

The official Novel to read for the 2024 JAMB examination is “The Life Changer” by “Khadija Abubakar Jalli” for UTME candidates and Direct Entry (DE) candidates.

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While the official registration will close on Monday, 26th February 2024.

JAMB Form Registration Period and Cost 2024.

1. REGISTRATION PERIOD FOR UTME ONLY: The JAMB management has officially disclosed that all candidates willing to register for the 2024 JAMB Examination must have a valid and functional personal e-mail address before starting the registration process. Like the NIN, Phone number, email address is compulsory for all candidates interested in the 2024 examination.

  • The official registration period for UTME candidates, including those from Foreign Countries, starts on Monday, 15th January 2024, while the registration ends on Monday, 26th February 2024.
  • Candidates should note that the JAMB E-PIN vending for UTME automatically starts on Monday, 8th January 2024 and will end on Saturday, 24th February 2024.

2. REGISTRATION PERIOD FOR DIRECT ENTRY ONLY: Candidates are also required and mandated to have a working personal e-mail address before starting their registration. It is compulsory.

  • Sales of 2024 Direct Entry (DE) application documents and E-PIN vending has already been scheduled to start on Wednesday, 28th February 2024 and is billed to end by Thursday, 28th March 2024. All Direct Entry (DE) candidates should note that the registration for Direct Entry (DE) candidates can also be done at the JAMB State offices, and JAMB Zonal Offices.
  • Sametime, I’d love to notify all candidates who wish to register for the Direct Entry JAMB examination, that the board has made it compulsory that you MUST obtain your Direct Entry ePINs from designated vending outlets on or before Thursday, 28th March 2024.
  • All Direct Entry (DE) candidates should note that the selling of ePIN will automatically shut down on Thursday, 28th March 2024.
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JAMB Examination Timetable for 2024.

Check the table below for the 2024 JAMB timeline:

 JAMB Timeline Starting Date Closing Date
UTME Registration Monday, 15th January 2024 Monday, 26th February 2024
UTME e-Pin Vending Monday, 8th January 2024 Saturday, 24th February 2024
Direct Entry Registration Wednesday, 28th February 2024 Thursday, 28th March 2024
Direct Entry e-Pin Vending Wednesday, 28th February 2024 Thursday, 28th March 2024
Mock Examination Thursday, 7th March 2024 Thursday, 7th March 2024
UTME Slip Reprinting Wednesday, 10th April 2024 Monday, 29th April 2024
UTME Examination Friday, 19th April 2024 Monday, 29th April 2024

IMPORTANT NOTE: Using this platform, I’d love to notify all candidates who are interested in the 2024 JAMB examination, to endeavor and check their eligibility for chosen programmes and institutions on ibass.jamb.gov.ng.

It is of utmost importance, that candidates must check the requirements before commencing the application process. The eligibility checker assists candidates with options of programmes (courses) based on their qualifications.

How Much is JAMB 2024 Registration Form?

All candidates who are registering for the JAMB 2024 Examination an residing in Nigeria, this is the official cost of of the JAMB form for UTME and DE Candidates.

Items Amount (₦)
UTME Application Fee 3,500
Compulsory Reading Textbook FREE
CBT Examination Service Charge 1,500
Registration Centre Service Charge 700
CBT Mock-UTME Centre Service Charge 1,500
Bank Charges 500
Grand Total With Mock 7,700
Grand Total Without Mock 6,200
DE Application Fee 6,200

JAMB Registration Fee for Foreign Candidates.

While for candidates registering for JAMB but will be writing the examination in any of the JAMB Accredited Foreign Centres, the price is $30.


1. The JAMB board has officially made it mandatory, that the registration of both UTME and DE candidates for the 2024 JAMB Examination will be Cashless. This is to curb acts of extortion by some CBT centres on innocent candidates.

2. The board has further disclosed that all third-party fees and charges will be collected by the JAMB board, and paid to the CBT Centres and beneficiaries on a weekly basis throughout the JAMB registration period.

3. For the 2024 JAMB Registration, there are ONLY three (3) types of available e-PINS, and they are:


While the board will charge the total sum of six thousand, two hundred Naira only (N6,200) for each of the candidates without Mock and Direct Entry (DE) as follows:

1. UTME/DE JAMB Application Fee  ₦‎3,500
2.  Reading Text (Free For Only 2024)  Free (Qr Code)
3.  CBT Centre Registration Charge  ₦‎700
4.  CBT Centre Examination Service Charge  ₦‎1,500
5.  Bank Charges  ₦‎500
6.  CBT Mock UTME Centre Charge  ₦‎1,500

Important Note: I’ll highly recommend to all candidates who are purchasing the JAMB e-PIN, to please, be specify and buy the e-PIN required for their registration, because there is NO REFUND after payment.

JAMB Registration Eligibility Checker 2024.

Are you aware that there’s a JAMB course eligibility checker for 2024 candidates who are yet to register for the examination? Using this medium, I’d love to notify all candidates who are not aware of this newly introduced tool, to make use of it.

The JAMB eligibility tools help candidates check their eligibility for chosen programmes and institutions, and you can check your eligibility on ibass.jamb.gov.ng. Each candidate must endeavour to check their course requirements before commencing the registration process for the 2024 UTME/DE Registration.

The JAMB registration eligibility checker helps candidates by providing them with numerous options of programmes (courses) based on their qualifications. This is why the board is asking all candidates to use this tool before commencing the registration.

How to Check JAMB Eligibility Checker 2024.

STEP 1: Visit https://www.jamb.gov.ng.

STEP 2: When the above JAMB official portal loads up, proceed and select Quicklinks,

STEP 3: On the dropdown menu, select IBASS to access the e-Brochure/e-Syllabus and free e-copy of the Reading Text.

Take note that the IBASS, and the JAMB brochures and syllabus are all available on the Android Mobile App (JAMB IBASS) which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

General Admission Requirements for 2024 Candidates.

The general entry requirements for admission into the following as listed below:

  • First Degree,
  • National Diploma (ND),
  • National Innovation Diploma (NID),
  • Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) programmes

are five (5) O’Level Credit passes including English Language. Don’t forget that at least, a credit in Mathematics is required for courses such as Law, Science-based and Social Science courses. Take note of these important details when selecting your JAMB subject combinations, so you won’t make any mistakes.

JAMB Direct Entry (DE) Requirements 2024.

The JAMB board has disclosed that candidates will be considered for admission via Direct Entry (DE) with any of the following qualifications listed below:

1. A minimum of O’Level credit pass in five (5) SSCE subjects at not more than two sittings, and must have at least, two prescribed subjects for each programme (course of study) at Principal or Advanced level. Other acceptable qualifications in place of A’LEVELs are:

University Degree, University Diploma/NFLD, ND/NID, HND, NCE, IJMB, JUPEB, NABTEB-ANBC, NABTEB-ANTC, NABTEB-GCE-A’LEVEL (2015-2021), Cambridge A’level, International Baccalaureate (foreign certificates only), National Registered Nurse/National Registered Midwife (NRN/NRM).

It is essential that awarding institutions are required by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) to directly verify their presented awards before admission can be made.

2024 JAMB Registration Requirements For All DE Candidates.

  • Registration/Matriculation Number of the previous school attended where the qualification was obtained.
  • Subject(s) of qualification.
  • Awarding Institution.
  • Name of the Institution you attended.

Direct Entry Registration and Admission Requirements.

1. All Direct Entry (DE) candidates, who do not have any awaiting results, must have uploaded their A’level qualification, O’level results and Direct Entry (DE) Registration Template when they commence registration.

2. All Direct Entry (DE) candidates seeking admission through the JAMB DE platform, will not be processed or considered for admission until such claimed results are uploaded and verified by the awarding institutions on the JAMB platform (JAMB CAPS MAIL)

3. All Direct Entry (DE) candidates who are registering for the 2024 JAMB examination with awaiting A’level results of UMS/UPER/NABТЕВ, must have uploaded their Admission Letter and Registration Template at the point of registration.

4. The JAMB board had also disclosed that all applicants with Cambridge certificates of the pre-2018 examination year, are required and mandated to visit Cambridge directly for verification. It is important to note that this Cambridge verification exercise would likely take up to twenty-eight (28) days (as specified by the awarding body) after which the verification result will be forwarded to the JAMB Board. The Cambridge verification will be reflected in the e-Facility profile of the Direct Entry (DE) candidate.

5. DE candidates should also note that the statement of results (instead of certificate) is accepted for registration only within 3 years of the date of award.

6. DE candidates should also be aware that Upgrade from UTME to DE is available only to candidates, whose DE results have not been released during their UTME registration and who must have indicated during their JAMB UTME registration that he/she is awaiting A-level results. The particulars which he/she must have supplied and contained in the uploaded registration template

7. Candidates registering for the JAMB DE examination should know that they are required regularly check their A’ level admission status in their JAMB e-facility profile, and this will show the status of verification by NIPEDS indicating “CLEARED” or NOT “CLEARED” with the reason(s) for non-clearance due to discrepancies such as in name, grade, subject etc. Which will be explicitly stated.

JAMB Registration Rules For 2024.

Candidates are not permitted to register more than once in a year, that is, you cannot register twice in 2024, no matter the error you noticed after registration. However, if you noticed any error during the registration process, such candidates is required to seek correction from the JAMB Board and not to obtain a fresh application as duplication of application vitiates all the applications.

Please take note that registration can only be done at JAMB-approved Centres in the 36 states of Nigeria. Any candidate who registers outside any of these JAMB CBT Accredited Centres does so at his/her/their own risk.

It is of utmost importance to disclose here, that non-candidates, such as parents/guardians/uncles/Aunties, or any proxy, are NOT allowed to transact any business on any candidate’s profile. Any candidate who makes his password, profile code or other security codes available to another person (parents, friends, tutorial teachers, fraudsters etc) is liable for any alteration done by such person(s).

Finally, Do not give your Password to anybody, even the JAMB officials working at the CBT centres. These security codes are not to be demanded at any registration centre by any person for any purpose, no matter the urgency of the situation.

Selection Choice Of Institutions for 2024 JAMB Registration.

Every candidate is to note that they can easily select their 1st choice to be a College of Education, University, Innovation Enterprise Institution, Polytechnic/Monotechnic, Nigerian Defence Academy or the Police Academy. (Any Institution can be first choice). Unlike previous years, where the choice of institution was tiered to a University.

Step-by-Step Procedures On How To Register for 2024 JAMB.


Click Here to learn How you can easily create a JAMB Profile from the comfort of your home without any stress.


  • To retrieve a lost Profile Code, go to your Message app, click on Create new message and type in: [RESEND] to 55019 or 66019 as a text message from the same mobile number you used to initially create your first JAMB Profile code.
  • Candidate can reset lost or forgotten Profile Password on their registered telephone phone by sending [password] space [email address] from the same mobile number as a text message to 55019 or 66019.


Candidates who are having issues either with registration, e-PIN, profile code, etc, can send their complaints on JAMB portal where they can receive help from JAMB staff. Any candidate facing any issue related to JAMB registration should create a support ticket at (https://www.jamb.gov.ng) using the guide below:

  • Going directly to the JAMB support center @ https://support.jamb.gov.ng/candidate-support/create-general-ticket.
  • When the portal loads up, type in your correct details in their respective columns.
  • Ensure you enter your name, phone number and the nature of the complaint, selects a complaint area on the drop down and then summarises the nature of the compliant. If necessary, you can also attach supporting documents (if available).
  • It is important to note here that complaints from 3rd parties are merely noted. Letter writing is not encouraged and will hardly recieve any reply. Rather all complaints should be channeled through the ticketing system for prompt attention and documentation from JAMB support staff dedicated to replying candidates with any issues during their JAMB registration process.

For complaints relating to NIN (e.g a candidate sends a message to 55019 or 66019 to create a profile but does not receive any response or receives wrong data, he/she can follow the same process on the ticketing and click on 2024 NIN related issues then select the related topic on the drop down).

2024 JAMB ePIN Selling Points.

The ePIN outlets are:

NIPOST, Banks, MMOs, MFBs and other participating financial institutions.

Duties Of Participating Banks/Outlets.

  • Collection of Profile Code from candidate’s phone
  • Collect payment and vend ePIN by SMS to candidate’s phone (Not dictating or copying).
  • Facilitation of payment through POS, if necessary.
  • Issuance of Evidence of Payment.
  • Delivery of ePIN to candidates electronically. (This should not be Handwritten).


  • Banks (Including micr0-finance banks).
  • Mobile Money Operators.
  • Financial Switches.


1. Present Profile Code and pay by cash, card or ATM card (either N7,700 with Mock or N6,200 without Mock-UTME and DE). Although JAMB has directed most CBT centres to only recieve payment online online, and not cash, to reduce the extortions of candidates by some accredited CBT Centres.

2. The JAMB e-PIN is then delivered to the candidate’s unique telephone number he/she provided during registration. (Links of participating financial institutions and other interested outlets such as NIPOST, Banks, MMOs, MFBs are available on the Board’s website).

2024 JAMB Registration Procedures at the Nine Foreign Centres.

i. Candidates registering at any of the nine (9) registration centres, should know that the Registration fee for candidates from the nine foreign countries is Thirty United States Dollars ($30) in each of the 9 (nine) countries local currencies.

ii. Candidates from the nine foreign countries are required to download the application documents from the Board’s official website (https://www.jamb.gov.ng), and proceed by completing the registration form, and submit it with the fee (or pay online) at the designated centres in the country as indicated on the website.

iii. Foreign candidates should know that the JAMB Board conducts registration and UTME in the following cities as listed below: Abidjan, Accra, Addis Ababa, Beau, Cotonou, Jeddah, Johannesburg, London or Berlin. The Nigerian Mission (Embassies) in each of the centres can be contacted for guidance on the registration and examination.

Donation of Free Application Documents.

Kind hearted people, organizations, and any government parastatals interested in donation, or distribution of free application forms to prospective applicants should contact the Board on +2348027641663 OR e-mail: fabian.benjamin@jamb.gov.ng for special offer.

How to Recover Lost JAMB e-PIN After Payment in 2024.

i. If you’ve successfully paid for an ePIN and somehow misplaced or lost it, or even if you did not Received the e-PIN, send [UTMEPIN] or [DEPIN] to 55019 or 66019 for UTME or DE respectively from the unique number.

ii. The ePIN would then be retrieved and delivered on the candidate’s unique number, which he/she/they used to purchased the e-PIN the first time.


JAMB Registration CBT Centres for 2024.

i. All candidates who are interested in participating in the 2024 JAMB examination, should know that registration is carried out only at the accredited Computer Based Test Centres (CBT) and Professional Registration Centres (PRC).

ii. Each candidate should visit any accredited CBT centre to immediately commence their registration. Take note that the list of the accredited centre is on the board’s website (https://www.jamb.gov.ng) and JAMB offices with his/her profile code and e-PIN.

iii. Candidates registering for this year’s examination should know that facilities exist in ALL JAMB State Offices for self-service for candidates with good digital skills.

JAMB 2024 Registration Process at CBT Centres.

Please take note that the JAMB board has directed all JAMB accredited CBT Centres, that a candidate must PERSONALLY present his/her profile Code and e-PIN at any JAMB-accredited CBT Centre for registration. A candidate’s photograph and biometrics (all ten fingerprints) would be captured at the CBT centre.

Candidates are required to do the following:

Bank charges of ₦‎2,700/₦‎4,200 respectively have been included in the total fee paid for the pin which JAMB remits to the centres, therefore, no other fee should be paid at the centre, not even a kobo.

1. Candidates are required to provide their choice of institutions and programmes (course of study).

2. Candidates are required to provide during their JAMB registration, a personal e-mail address that he/she can always access.

3. Provide qualification with grades and dates, if not awaiting result during registration.

4. Upload relevant certificates, if not awaiting result (this is applicable for both UTME and Direct Entry (DE) candidates).

5. Provide O/L and or A/L grades are to be provided by candidates. The JAMB board has disclosed that each candidates with awaiting result must supply (upload) the results online on CAPS (JAMB) as soon as the results have been released on JAMB’s portal through any CBT Centre in their area. No institution is allowed to take a new picture/photograph, biometrics or require any other upload of the result. All results are downloadable by institutions directly from the board’s website (and the download is tracked to avoid abuse) since the details have already been supplied by the candidate during their JAMB registration.

6. All candidate are mandated to choose/select their preferred choice of examination town(s) both for optional Mock examination and Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). Candidates are also required to choose the UTME subjects that is required for the course they want to study in tertiary institution.

7. Review entries and confirm correctness before the JAMB staff will submit the JAMB registration form.

8. Finally, candidates can easily print their Registration Slip USING BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION to confirm valid finger- print (UTME/DE). Candidates should note that that authentication with their fingerprint removes blames of error from CBT centres. Candidates are to check the details before confirming it with their fingerprint.

Blind Candidates Registration.

Blind candidates are to indicate by typing BLIND and also pick the option of sitting for the examination through Braille, Recorded or Read Aloud.

A candidate is either blind or sighted. It is important to be factual when selecting any of the options during registration. Every blind candidate is to select the designated town closest to his/her residence to take the examination.

Deaf/Mute Candidates.

A special indicator for the deaf/mute has been created to differentiate them for special attention at the examination hall. Deaf candidates are therefore to confirm this appropriately during registration.

Others Special Candidates.

While for candidates either with Albinism, Down Syndrome, Autism, Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), during their registration, are required to indicate by clicking on the appropriate box so as to be identified and assigned to the JAMB Equal Opportunity Group (JEOG) for special attention.

Biometric Challenge for 2024 JAMB Registration.

i. Th JAMB board has disclosed that any candidates with biometric challenges can only register for the examination at the JAMB headquarters in FCT Abuja. No other CBT centre is allowed to register candidates with biometric challenges.

ii. Candidates with the biometric challenge who had registered at the official JAMB headquarters in FCT Abuja, will also sit for their JAMB examination at JAMB headquarters in Abuja.

iii. The board has made it distintively clear that any candidate  whose biometrics isn’t verified, will NOT be permitted to enter the examination hall or sit the examination.

vi. The system will not permit or process any examination without biometric verification.

v. Candidates with Biometric abnormality can only register and take examinations at the Abuja headquarters of the Board. The Board will facilitate the travels.

vi. Candidates with biometric challenges would sit for the examination in Abuja on the last day of the national examination calendar.

JAMB Dates And Venue For 2024 UTME.

The 2024 UTME has been scheduled to start on Friday, 19th April, 2024, and end on Monday, 29 April, 2024, this dates applied to all the nine foreign centres.

The venue of the examination will be at ANY centre in the candidate’s chosen examination town(s).

IMPORTANT NOTE: The JAMB board does not post any candidate to any examination town (or group of towns) other than the one chosen by the candidate during his/her registration process. However, candidates should try their possible best and register on time before the available spaces in their town of choice or group of towns are exhausted. Due to discovered conspiracy among some CBT centres, no examination town with few centres is allowed. This is the major reason why the JAMB board have merged various towns into one. Please take note that choice of a group of towns implies that you can be posted to any of the towns in the selected chosen group.

JAMB Registration Fee/Procurement of Registration ePINS

For the 2024 UTME/DE registration, candidates are required to pay either a total of six thousand, two hundred naira (N6,200) only if they choose during their registration procees, that they will not sit nor partake in the optional Mock-UTME.

However, for candidates who intend to sit for the Mock-UTME, they are required to pay the total sum of seven thousand, seven hundred naira (N7,700) only during their registration. $30 is the application fee for candidates from the nine foreign centres.

Candidates should note that ePINS purchased are tied to individual profile and are not transferable.

Using this platform, I’ll love to notify all 2024 candidates, that the board is advising them to keep their password and ePINs, email addresses private and confidential. Finally, No accredited CBT Centre is allowed to request or accept a candidate’s password.

Optional JAMB Mock Examination 2024.

The date for the mock examination shall be Thursday, 7th March, 2024.

Important JAMB 2024 Registration General Information.

1. All candidates must mandatorily register their profiles through text messages as illustrated above before proceeding to buy the JAMB e-PIN from any of the accredited sellers.

2. The registration fee is non-refundable, and non-negiotiable.

3. Candidates should endeavour to read and understand the JAMB registration guidelines on admission and instructions as shown on the scan QR Code, during their registration, to help them complete the online registration before commencing the process of registration. He or she is also required to sign an MoU on ethical standards.

4. The JAMB board forbids any candidate from carrying out multiple registrations. A candidate is required to ONLY register once, and if there’s any error during registration, it can easily be rectified at any accredited CBT Centre.  Candidates who are caught to have registered more than once will be identified, disqualified and prosecuted.

5. Take note that irrespective of your choice of course/programme, all 2024 JAMB (both UTME and DE) candidates will also be tested on a general text: “The Life Changer” authored and written by Khadija Abubakar Jali. All Candidates are also expected to read the text which is now issued as an e-Book for free.

6. Due to the prevailing economic situation the country is going through, the JAMB Board has decided that, although for 2024 only, will be issuing for free, an e-copy of the reading text to candidates through the following approved channels as listed below:

  • JAMB Website.
  • Candidate’s e-mail.
  • Candidate’s Profile.
  • QR code on Registration Slip.
  • QR code on the newspaper advertisement.

7. Both Candidates and JAMB officials assigned to supervise candidates throughout the JAMB examination date, are NOT allowed to enter the examination centre with earphones, wristwatches, mobile phones, electronic devices, or any pen/biro. Only common pencil is allowed.

8. Using this medium, the JAMB Board is advising all candidates that they do not need the services of ANY cyber café, school or establishment other than the accredited CBT centres for the 2024 JAMB registration.

9. Examination malpractice is a criminal offence that attracts, in addition to the cancellation of results, publication of names and prosecution of such offenders.


Procedure for Valid Admission in 2024.

Finally, admission offered by all tertiary institutions MUST be from JAMB website (JAMB CAPS). Any offer of admission from any tertiary institution without JAMB Admission letter is illegal and regretably useless. Such candidates even if they finish their 4/5 years course, their certificate is useless and not recognized by any organisation in Nigeria or organisation for job employment.

Any candidate, who accepts admission outside the JAMB CAPS does so at his/her own risk.

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