[2024 updated] How To Link Email Address To JAMB 2024 Profile

When it comes to JAMB registration, one of the most important factors, is having an email that is connected directly to JAMB. This is crucial because, through this email, you can get important information such as your JAMB reprint, recover your JAMB Registration Number, passwords, payment receipts, etc.

Do you know How To Link Email Address To JAMB? If not, this post will give you all the information you need on How to link your email address to your JAMB Profile for FREE.

Another importance of getting your email LINKED to your JAMB account, is that you can easily log in to your JAMB Caps or Profile using your email.  This guide is for candidates who did not link their email address during JAMB Registration.

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For candidates who are not yet aware, an email address is no longer mandatory and compulsory during your JAMB Registration, rather a phone number is important and compulsory.

Since you’re now aware that an email is not mandatory for JAMB registration, and wasn’t used during your JAMB registration, the next question should be: How can one access his JAMB Profile or login to JAMB Caps without a JAMB linked email address or password?

how to link email address to jamb

Even if you did not provide or use your email address during your JAMB registration process, you will have to create an email (preferably on Gmail or YahooMail) and it is 100% FREE. After creating your Gmail, you can use the procedure outlined below to link your email address to JAMB Caps to enable you to access your JAMB Profile and get crucial information from JAMB.

How To Link Email Address To JAMB.

Here are the two easiest methods one can use to link their email address to JAMB:

1. Sending your email address to JAMB as SMS  (SMS Method)

2. Visiting JAMB CBT Centres to carry out email linking.

How To Link Email Address To JAMB via SMS.

1. Goto your message app, create a new message and type in the name of your email address using this format email address email address and send it to 55019.

2. For example, let’s say your email address is jambcbtresult@gmail.com, then you will have to send it as an SMS by typing the word “email” one space gap then jambcbtresult@gmail.com one space gap jambcbtresult@gmail.com.

This means that the message you’ll be sending will look like the example displayed below;
email jambcbtresult@gmail.com  jambcbtresult@gmail.com.

(Better still, simply copy the format above, and change ONLY the email address to yours), and send it to 55019.

3. Using the format above, proceed by sending it as a text message (SMS) to 55019. Endeavour that you are using the phone number you used during your JAMB registration. If the phone number isn’t attached to JAMB, then the message will be useless.

4. Note that you will be charged the sum of N50 (fifty naira).

5. After sending the message and it’s been received by the JAMB board, proceed and log in to your email and look out for a mail from JAMB, which contains your unique password. You can use your email and the password to log into your JAMB Profile anytime and anywhere.

6. The Unique Password sent to your email from JAMB will look similar to something like this (candb∗∗∗∗∗). This Unique Password can also be changed to any password of your choice.

7. To confirm this Unique Password sent to you from JAMB to your mailbox, you will have to visit the JAMB efacility Portal via https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng/Login and log in.

8. When the above JAMB efacility page opens up on your browser, simply enter the email address you just linked to your JAMB profile, and your Unique Password (candb∗∗∗∗∗).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Kindly note that this SMS method does not work 100% of the time, usually due to network glitches. If you’re experiencing network failure while trying to use the above method, consider the second option below. However, it involves you getting out of your house/office and walking to the nearest CBT centre.

How To Link Email Address To JAMB at CBT Centres.

1. The first step is to visit the nearest CBT Centre in your area or the JAMB Office within your state. Click Here to check out the List of CBT Centres near you.

2. When you get there, go directly to the staff on sit and kindly ask him/her to link your email address to JAMB.

3. You will be given a form or a sheet of paper where you will have to write the following:

  • Email address,
  • Profile Code,
  • JAMB Registration Number.

4. Correctly fill out the form and submit it. Ensure the email address is correctly filled and well written for the staff to see.

5. Do thumb-printing (as most CBT centres will request of you) as directed by the JAMB officer.

6. Take note that this service at the CBT centre will cost you N700 (seven hundred naira)

8. Pay the fee and get your linking slip.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of the time of writing this article, the best method of linking your email address to your JAMB profile is through this CBT Centre Method.

To verify that your email address has successfully been linked to your JAMB profile, simply follow this simple guide on How To Confirm If Your Email Has Been Linked To JAMB.

Confirm If your Email Is Connected To Your JAMB Profile.

STEP 1: Using either your smartphone or PC, go to your Gmail app or you can visit the Gmail site directly at www.gmail.com.

STEP 2: When the email opens up, you’ll see a confirmation message directly from JAMB.

STEP 3: For candidates using a PC or direct browser on their smartphone, simply visit gmail.com or Yahoomail.com, log in with your email and password, and then check your inbox to see if you received a mail from JAMB. The mail usually comes from the official JAMB email like this: noreply@jamb.gov.ng.

Once you’ve logged in, you see a message from the JAMB email handle (noreply@jamb.gov.ng). Congratulations your email has been successfully linked to your JAMB dashboard. Take note that the email will contain your JAMB login details, which are the email address and Password.

The password usually comes in this format (candb∗∗∗∗∗). You can use the Password and email address to log in to JAMB Caps (To check and confirm your admission offers) or JAMB Profile.

However, if you did not see this message in your inbox, there’s no need to panic, simply go to your spam mail. But if after checking your spam mail, and you still haven’t received a mail from JAMB, please wait for 24 hours. When it is up to 24 hours and the JAMB message is not received yet, kindly go back to the CBT centre and tell them you’ve not yet received any message from JAMB.

About Linking of Email To JAMB FAQ.

i. Linking Email Address To JAMB, is it Important?

Yes, it is. All JAMB candidates must link their email addresses to the JAMB portal. Although an email address is not needed for JAMB registration. But having your email address linked will ensure you get important details and further communication with JAMB regarding your results, admission offers, etc.

ii. What If My Email Isn’t Linked To JAMB?

One of the major disadvantages of not having your email linked to the JAMB portal is that, you will not receive direct information from JAMB regarding your ADMISSION PROCESSS. That is to say, if your Email is not linked to JAMB you can’t have access to the following important portals listed below:

  • JAMB Caps: Candidates whose email is not linked to the JAMB profile (dashboard) can’t have access to JAMB Caps, because before logging in to JAMB Caps, it is mandatory that type in your email address and password. JAMB Caps is where candidates can check which school offered them admission, and either Accept/Reject the admission offer.

  • Correction of Data; You cannot do corrections of data such as change of institution, change of course, correction of date of birth, etc. If your Email is not linked to your JAMB account.

  • Accept or Reject Admission; Since you can ONLY Accept or Reject Admission offers on JAMB Caps, it will be impossible to do this, since you are required to log in with your email address and password that is linked to JAMB.

  • PRINTING ADMISSION LETTER: Candidates whose email address is not linked to JAMB, Printing of JAMB Admission Letter and so many other things can’t be done in your JAMB Profile/Caps. After paying to print your admission letter, etc, it will be sent to your email.

iii. Can I Use the same Email Address Twice To Register for JAMB?

NO! If you’ve previously registered for JAMB and it did not work out, you can’t use the same email address to register again during your JAMB registration. It is mandatory by the Joint Admission and Matriculations Board (JAMB) that one email address should be used for each candidate’s JAMB registration. Endeavor to create a new email address, or use another email address you’ve not used before to register for JAMB.

iv. Is There a Deadline Date for Linking Email To JAMB?

NO. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has not announced any date as the closing date for linking of email address to JAMB.

v. How Much Will It Cost To Link Email To JAMB?

Aside from the JAMB Registration fee, other JAMB-related issues resolved in JAMB CBT Centres are all priced below the service of N700 (Seven hundred naira). However, some CBT Centres might charge a little bit higher, depending if they are using PHED or a generator.

Final Conclusion:

It is important to note here that linking your email address to the JAMB portal is very simple, once you follow the above guide religiously. I’ll highly recommend you link your email at JAMB Accredited CBT Centres. This option is 100% better and works when compared to the SMS method.

If you’re having any issues or have any questions not asked or answered in the above FAQ, kindly use the comment section below, and I’ll personally answer your questions.

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